Bealtaine – 1st class – session 4

Today was an exciting day as we were filming the forest school sessions. We are doing this to help others understand what forest school looks like and what the benefits could be so that more children might have access to this type of learning. This is part of celebrating 10 years of Forest School in DSP.

Below is a short video (recorded and edited by a complete amateur!) that shows a smidgen of what goes on in a Forest School session. Can you see the choice based, child led learning in action? Can you see curiosity and exploration? Can you see children being given the opportunity to take appropriate risks and know if they feel safe? Can you see teamwork and time for reflection and gratitude? Can you see care for nature and a love for this world developing?

We’ve been fortunate to have 6th class assistants for four weeks and this was their last week with us before the new assistants join us on week 5. They seemed to enjoy taking on this leadership role and they were wonderful! Thank you so much.

Some wonderful observations and curiosity in each group.

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