Nests – 1st class – Session 3

They were given the opportunity for free play upon arrival at basecamp and most of
the children were excited to build their nests. They naturally divided themselves into
smaller groups or individuals. There was clay for the nests to those who were
looking for it. Apart from that they used natural materials from the forest – pine needles, cones, leaves
and flowers.

Some children chose to quickly make their nests and then put them in the trees for the
birds. Others spent longer crafting their nests and looking for the right materials.

Story – The magpie’s nest – How Do Birds Know How to Build Nests?

All the birds of the air came to the magpie and asked her to teach them how to build

nests. For the magpie is the cleverest bird of all at building nests. So she put all the

birds round her and began to show them how to do it. First of all she took some mud

and made a sort of round cake with it.

“Oh, that’s how it’s done,” said the thrush; and away it flew, and so that’s how thrushes build

their nests.

Then the magpie took some twigs and arranged them round in the mud.

“Now I know all about it,” says the blackbird, and off he flew; and that’s how the

blackbirds make their nests to this very day.

Then the magpie put another layer of mud over the twigs.

“Oh that’s quite obvious,” said the wise owl, and away it flew; and owls have never

made better nests since.

After this the magpie took some twigs and twined them round the outside.

“The very thing!” said the sparrow, and off he went; so sparrows make rather slovenly

nests to this day.

Well, then Magpie took some feathers and stuff and lined the nest very comfortably with it.

“That suits me,” cried the starling, and off it flew; and very comfortable nests have starlings.

So it went on, every bird taking away some knowledge of how to build nests, but none of 

them waited to the end. 

And that is why different birds build their nests differently.

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