Big Travel Challenge

Thank you to everyone for taking part in the Green School Big Travel Challenge!! Thank you to the Green Schools Committee for organising the Big Travel Challenge 2023. They created labels for jars, spread awareness and collected data over 2 weeks. It was amazing to 

Engineering Week 2023

3rd Class Engineering Activities Engineering week 2023 took place from the 6th-10th of March 2023 Third Class were lucky enough to have a visit from the transportation engineer, Stavroula Manta. We discussed the different types of engineers there are and their roles. It is important 

Book Reviews

5th Class reviewed some of our new Modern Language books……. Our school got a delivery of books and dictionaries from English to Spanish, German, Italian, French, Ukrainian, Polish and Japanese. I picked a book called first phrases Italian. I like it because it has pictures 

Bienvenida a Gillian nuestra profesora de español

We are delighted to avail of the opportunity to introduce another modern language to children in 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th classes. Each group will have eight Spanish lessons this term.

Young Social Innovators

Last year fourth class took part in the Young Social Innovator Programme.  The programme empowers young people to use their talents, insights, passion and creativity to up with innovative solutions to social challenges.  4th class initially decided to work on combating animal cruelty but were 

6th class enjoy the new projector

6th Class had the privilege of being the first class to use the new projector down in the Hall. It was a great experience, we were supposed to watch a movie in our class on our whiteboard but decided to use our new Mega screen down 

Student Council Fundraiser, Seasonal Singsong, Coffee Morning: Friday 16th December 2022

The Student Council have been meeting every week, planning their events for the year ahead. Their first event is a charity fundraiser to be held on Friday 16th December 2022. Get your seasonal gear out because everyone is invited to a coffee morning in the 

Parent Teacher (P/T) meetings a great success

A sincere thanks to teachers for facilitating a new model of parent teacher meetings using a blend of online and in-person meetings. Zoom meetings enabled parents to attend their child’s progress meeting from different workplaces; in-person meetings yielded the joy of face-to-face interactions. We are 

Parent Teacher meetings Wednesday 23rd and Thursday 24th November 2022

Have you booked your parent teacher meeting time? Check your Aladdin app for notification.

Board of Management AGM 7:30pm

The AGM of the Board of Management will take place on Monday 14th November at 7:30pm via zoom. The meeting will include reports from the principal, chairperson and treasurer on the school year 2021-2022. The Board is seeking nominations from parents for a new parent