In the spirit of our June focus of the month, we shine a light on the many good things in our life we are fortunate enough to experience at DSPNS. We appreciate our Second Class pupils who made their First Communion recently – congratulations to all!

Be a Good Sport Day

We look forward to Be a Good Sport Day on Thursday 20th June 2019. Children excel at different activities, some quiet and solitary, some loud and high energy. In class and yard, we foster positive commentary such as, “Well done. Nice try. Have another go! I liked the way you did that. Great effort. Hard luck. Better luck next time. You did it. Hurray!” 

On Be a Good Sport Day we appreciate the opportunity for children to participate in activities outdoors. We appreciate the opportunity to spend some time together as a school community. If you can make it to Be a Good Sport Day, please cheer on all children. Be aware not all parents/guardians may be able to attend. Be mindful that there are children who find Be a Good Sport Day overwhelming. They may want to have some quiet time out and we are happy to facilitate that. Public performances are relished by some children and adults, and disliked by others. We are grateful for the diversity in our school community.

The Be a Good Sport Day timetable was posted on 9th June Blog for reference. Thanks to Mr Mannion and Ms Malin for organising Be a Good Sport Day!

End of Year Reports

235 reports will be sent to 161 families next week. Reading the 235 reports has been a very uplifting experience as the teachers’ pride in the progress made by each child is evident. Teachers’ assessments range from professional judgements on core subjects to nurturing observations of when a child created something beautiful, or shared their smiles, kindnesses, sense of fun and caring personalities with class groups. Thanks to class and resource teachers who work together and give generously of their time and talents for the benefit of the children.

We acknowledge changes in standardised test results this year from 2nd – 6th classes. Drumcondra Primary Tests have been re-normed – in the context of Irish educational expectations – giving a more accurate indicator of children’s abilities within class groups. Results show the majority of children performing within the average range.

It is important to note that teachers’ comments tend to give a more comprehensive assessment of children’s progress rather than results from one test administered in one morning in a child’s school life. Teachers’ observations are more holistic including reflections on social, personal, organisational and creative skills. Some children may have been absent on the day of a test in which case a result is not recorded.

Ist class have completed a screening test in place of a standardised test this year. The screening tests are intended mainly as a tool to identify pupils at risk of difficulties in reading or numeracy. In these cases, teachers will meet in August/September 2019 to plan for the following academic year and will be in touch with parents/guardians accordingly.

End of year reports will be issued through the Aladdin Connect App at the end of next week. If you are interested in further information on standardised tests, click the link below.

http://New Drumcondra Primary Tests: Note for Parents and Guardians