School Information for Parents and Guardians

Start and Finish Times

We operate staggered start and finish times. Please see details below

Senior Infants8:25am1:05pm
Junior Infants*8:30am1:10pm
2nd, 4th, 6th Class8:25am2:05pm
1st, 3rd, 5th Class8:30am2:10pm

*Junior Infants have early hometime of 12:00 midday for one week from Wednesday 30th August to Tuesday 5th September 2023.


If you have any concern please phone 01-2857199 or email the office and your query will be directed to the relevant staff member.

We have confidential Meeting/Phonecall Request Forms which you can access on the Contact Us page or by calling the office. Only the relevant staff member(s) will have access to completed forms.

Please refer to the Communications Policy for details on agreed lines of communication

Safe Traffic Plan

Safety at school gates is an issue for most schools. Encourage children to walk or cycle to school where possible. Keep children safe. Respect residents who may be heading out to work or school and allow them easy access to and from their homes. We ask that you are respectful when making parking choices.

We encourage you to use drop off and collection as times to walk a short distance, spend quality time with your children. It’s an opportunity to get some fresh air and to teach children about road safety and how to dress appropriately for Irish weather. ‘There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad gear’.

To ensure the welfare of all in the school community, we ask that the following “Do’s” and “Don’ts” are observed.

Please do

  • park and walk.
  • watch for children and allow pedestrians to cross in front of your vehicle
  • observe common courtesy; drop off and collection times can be stressful,
  • be patient with each other (pedestrians, cyclists and car drivers)

Please don’t

  • drive or park your car past the Glenageary Lodge junction or house no: 52 beside the school.
  • park in a position that might obstruct any of our neighbours from entering or exiting their drives.
  • park in a position that might prevent emergency vehicles from accessing the school or any of the residences in Glenageary Lodge, Arnold Grove or Hillcourt Road.

School traffic is discouraged from entering the last section of the Cul de Sac directly outside the school gates back to the next junction at Glenageary Lodge. What are our options?

  1. Drop off older children on Arnold Grove, Hillcourt Road, Bellevue Road, Sallyglen Road. If approaching school from Arnold Grove, turn right onto Hillcourt or Bellevue Road. The Hillcourt Road option provides a convenient one-way system for drivers. If approaching school from Hillcourt or Bellevue Road, turn left onto Arnold Grove.
  2. Park and walk with younger children. Hillcourt Road, Glenageary Park near Centra shop, Sallynoggin area near Our Lady of Victories Catholic Church, Arnold Grove, Glenageary Lodge, are all within easy walking distance of the school.
  3. Consider cycling or walking. There are cycle lanes along the Sallyglen Road and Avondale Road, two major approach routes to the school.

Materials and Booklists

Click the links below to download a copy of the materials and booklists for 2023/24

ClassBook and Materials List
Junior InfantsJunior Infants Materials and Books List 2023/24
Senior InfantsSenior Infants Materials and Booklist 2023/2024
1st Class1st Class Materials and Booklist 2023/24
2nd Class2nd Class Materials and Booklist 2023/24
3rd Class3rd Class Materials and Booklist 2023/24
4th Class4th Class Materials and Booklist 2023/24
5th Class5th Class Materials and Booklist 2023/24
6th Class6th Class Materials and Booklist 2023/24

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