Forest Friday


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DSPNS Forest Friday sessions bring the children and the curriculum to the forest on Killiney Hill weekly for 9 weeks.  The structure of each session allows the children to build connection: to themselves through sit spots, creative opportunities and reflection; to each other through games and teamwork; and to the world we live in through experiencing it with all their senses.

The aim is to foster resilient, independent, confident and creative learners using a flexible approach and natural resources.

The learning flows out of the sessions in so many ways.  English, Geography, Science, Maths, SPHE, Music, Art, PE, Ethical Education and drama are all covered in the sessions and then the richness of the experience continues the engagement and motivation in the classroom and at home.  Feedback from parents…

Have a look at the wonderful blog posts by Liz McMahon with whom we collaborate with to run these sessions.  And here Liz explains The Power of Art.