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Session 4 – Junior Infants – Fairy tree

We are noticing so much happening in nature. Today we got to know the fairy tree and drank her tea and asked the fairies to grant us wishes. We all have wishes. Wishes are lovely; they sometimes help us know what we love. Some wishes 

Session 4 – Hawthorn & hapazome – 1st class

This week we got to know the Hawthorn or fairy tree or White thorn bush. We made tea and listened to a story about how the fairies look after the hawthorn tree. We got to meet lots of other plants too that helped us make 

Session 3 – Junior Infants – bluebells

The grandmother tree introduced us to one of her flower friends today – the bluebell. On our way up to base camp we met some bluebells and were very careful not to tread on their leaves or pick their flowers. Some of us heard the 

Session 3 – 1st class – bluebells

Do you remember this childhood circle song? The children in both groups loved it! In and out the dusky bluebells, In and out the dusky bluebells, In and out the dusky bluebells, Who shall be my partner? Tappity tappity on your shoulder, Tappity, tappity on your 

Session 2 Junior Infants by Amy (6th class assistant)

On the way up to our base camp the junior infants went looking for daisies. The daisies would later be made into daisy tea. We also looked out for gifts for the grandmother tree. Some of the juniors found flowers and leaves or something they 

Session 1 – Junior Infants by Krish (6th class assistant)

When everyone arrived, they began collecting dandelions for the dandelion tea that they would be having later. After we had enough dandelions everybody told us their animal names and then we started a game of fox and rabbit. Once the game was over we started 

1st class

1st class are noticing so much in the woods; building connections through taste and smell and sight and sound and touch and feel and story and games and movements and play. We are grateful for: We would love to have dry feet!

Junior Infants and the daisies

Junior Infants found lots of amazing things in the woods and were very surprised to get a letter from the grandmother tree. We are building connections with the place and the plants and the birds and the squirrels and how things change each week. Some 

1st class and dandelions!

Is this the longest stem? These are the biggest dock leaves! I found dandelion, cherry, cowslip and daisy flowers Listening to the bard tell a story We gather around the hearth to eat, taste wild tea, chat and share stories and songs. Dandelion ink from 

Junior Infants first day in Forest school

Have a look at all the learning that happened in the forest on Friday. We were so lucky to have 6th class as assistants for the first time. The Junior Infants loved having such fun assistants! We learned new games, got to know our base