What does ethos mean?

Ethos is defined as the characteristic spirit of a community as demonstrated by its beliefs and aspirations. These are reflected in two elements in our school:

  • The taught ethos – an ethical programme, the ‘Learn Together Curriculum’, delivered by teachers in class
  • The lived ethos – the atmosphere, relationships, culture and attitudes. How we relate to each other and the values and attitudes experienced by our children.

What are the Educate Together pillars or principles?

Equality based & multi-denominational

Equal respect for all religious backgrounds and none, and for and the social and cultural background of each child


Promotion of gender equality in the classroom to ensure that girls and boys are actively integrated, and sexual stereotyping is avoided, both in attitudes and teaching materials


Decision-making based on children’s best interests; the school aims to be a placewhere a child’s quest for growth, self-development and knowledge is fully acknowledged, facilitated and encouraged

Democratically run

The promotion of input from all members of the school community; the school is run by management committees which are democratically elected and the involvement of all parents is sought and encouraged

What Makes DSPNS Special?

Listen to our pupils speak about their experiences