Bealtaine celebrations – Junior Infants – 4

Today was an exciting day as we were filming the forest school sessions. We are doing this to help others understand what forest school looks like and what the benefits might be so that more children might have access to this type of learning. This is part of celebrating 10 years of Forest School in DSP.

Here are a few snippets from the morning session.

The lovely rhythm of bashing

Who can make the loudest animal noise?

Here we go gathering nuts in May

In Ireland, people celebrated Bealtaine, which is the month of May and the beginning of summer. Bonfires were lit. People and their cattle would walk around the bonfire and in some cases people would leap over the flames or embers.  A Hawthorne tree or fairy tree was decorated with rags. We used Hapa Zome, a technique of bashing plants into fabric to get colours and prints to make wishing rags for the hawthorn tree.

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