Session 6 – 1st class – wondering and wandering

This week 1st class didn’t go to their base camp as normal but wandered with their groups to other parts of Killiney Hill. Wandering and following their curiosity, noticing and observing things on their way is a lovely activity for us in many ways.

It allows for different opportunities to include some of the core routines of nature connection:

·         Expanding Sensory Awareness  – what do you see/hear/feel/taste etc?

·         Questioning and Tracking

·         decision making and collaboration skills

·         Listening for Bird Language

·         Mapping – Which way is north?  How do you know?  Which way is the wind blowing from?  What landmarks can you see?

·         Journalling – through drawing and sketching

·         gratitude– sharing gratitude for the gifts of the forest today

·         Sit spot – having a sit spot in a new place

·         Story of the day – sharing what we noticed

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