Junior Infants – Elder tree magic

We are grateful for:

  • the grandmother tree and the notes she leaves us
  • free play
  • nature and learning about the elderflower tree
  • making things with elder branches
  • the elder witch story
  • listening to the birds singing
  • the story and the tea
  • playing the leaf, caterpillar, robin game
  • love heart flower petals from the rose bush
  • making my bracelets
  • for the plants around us which help everyone breathe

During sit spot we noticed:

  • the birds tweeting that it was a lovely day
  • the air blowing in my face
  • the plants beside me swaying in the wind
  • hearing the waves down on the beach
  • birdies tweeting hello
  • lots of bees buzzing around me and I loved it because there was so much nature around me
  • I heard the grandmother tree saying hello
  • when I was looking at all of nature it was really nice and relaxing. It was so nice to cuddle up to nature
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