1st class – Session 7 – elder tree gifts

We are grateful for:

  • being here
  • the scent of the flower
  • the elder story – my favourite so far
  • in and out the dusky bluebells and changing the flower each time
  • the plantain that helped my cut
  • popping out the inside of the elder
  • you for teaching us how to keep ourselves safe in the forest like getting to know the difference between the hogweed flower and the elderflower and how you can eat the elderflower
  • sit spot and all the things I’m learning and remembering from Junior Infants and Senior Infants
  • sit spot and the spongy elder tree
  • enjoying myself making the bee hotel from the elder twigs for the mason bee and the leaf cutter bees
  • the dusky bluebells where I got to pick the flower and getting to make my elder centipede

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