1st Class – Session 5

This week in Forest School, our 1st class had a fantastic time exploring nature and learning about the environment through various engaging activities like foraging, cooking, ropes, mapping and building dens!

Some of the children foraged for three-cornered leeks. They inspected the plants, learning to identify them by their distinctive triangular stems and garlic-like smell. This hands-on experience reinforced the concept of invasive species and the importance of managing them to protect native biodiversity.

At basecamp, the children had the freedom to choose their activities. A favourite was using the three-cornered leek to make delicious pesto. This showed the children how to turn an invasive species into something beneficial. They also decorated their pesto dishes with beautiful Herb Robert flowers, adding a touch of beauty to their culinary creations.

The day concluded with a peaceful sit spot for reflection, where the children enjoyed the tranquility of the forest. Afterward, we gathered in a closing circle, sharing our thoughts and experiences from the day.

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