Junior Infants – Session 6

Today we began with our Welcome Circle, where we introduced ourselves and planned how to prepare for our parents’ visit next week. The children decided on our route to the base and selected games to teach their parents.

On our journey, we stopped at an elder tree to collect blossoms for tea, observing its leaves, bark, and twigs.

However, our exploration took an unexpected turn when we discovered signs of an illegal fire at our base came. The children immediately recognized the potential harm this could cause to the environment. They expressed their concerns, highlighting the dangers of fire to wildlife and the forest. We collected the leftover charcoal, discussing its impact and uses.

The children then experimented with the charcoal, discovering its potential as a drawing tool. The children created artworks, making marks and patterns on paper and tree bark. This hands-on activity showcased their ability to turn a negative situation into a positive, educational experience.

We look forward to welcoming parents next week to experience the magic of our Forest Fridays.

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