Junior Infants – Session 5

This week, the children engaged in a number of different activities, with each group going in different directions led by their interests and curiosity. Here are some of the activities they enjoyed:

  • Building a Rope Swing – Working together, enhancing their teamwork and problem-solving skills while giving them a sense of accomplishment in using their creation.
  • Creating Patterns with Natural Ink – Using natural inks made from plants, the children explored art in nature by creating unique patterns.
  • Crafting Flags – Some of the children crafted their own flag and enjoyed watching it flutter in the breeze.
  • Exploring the Lifecycle of a Dandelion – The children learned about plant growth by observing the different stages of a dandelion, from bud to flower to seed.
  • Observing Hogweed – The children discovered the transformation of hogweed flowers, learning how the broccoli-like flower bursts open into a large umbrella of small white flowers.
  • Finding Cherries – Under the trees, the children found cherries and reminisced about making cherry blossom tea in April, noticing seasonal changes.
  • Sit Spot Reflections – During quiet sit spot moments, the children observed and reflected on the sights and sounds of the forest, fostering mindfulness and a deeper connection to their environment.
  • Creating Hapa Zome Art – Using the Japanese technique of hapa zome, the children hammered leaves and flowers onto fabric to create natural imprints.
  • Hanging Wish Rags – Experiencing the magic of the hawthorn tree, the children hung wish rags, expressing their hopes and dreams.
  • Making and Enjoying Hawthorn Tea – The children learned about edible plants by making and enjoying tea from hawthorn blossoms.
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