1st class session 2 – the music of what happens

So much happens in a forest school session. Each group has a different experience as the environment, the leader, the resources and the children themselves all co-create what happens.

4 key dynamics of Forest school

We also had a drawing sit spot where we could draw what we noticed during our sit spot. It was beautiful.

It reminds me of a story of Fionn McCumhaill and the Fianna.

Once, as they rested during a hunt for wild deer, Fionn mac Cumhaill and his
men debated what the finest music in the world might be.

“Then tell us what it is,” said Fionn to Oisín, who’d started the discussion.

“The cuckoo calling from the tree that’s highest in the hedge,” cried his son.

Fionn nodded. “That’s a good sound,” he admitted. “And you, Oscar? “What is finest of music to your mind?”

“The finest of music is the clash of a spear against a shield in battle,” the warrior exclaimed.

“It is a good sound,” said Fionn.

Working his way through the party, he asked each of his men what they thought and each gave their answer:
the belling of a stag across the water, the baying of a tuneful pack of hunt
hounds heard somewhere in the distance, the throaty song of a lark, the happy
laugh of a gleeful girl, the whisper of a loved one.

“These are all good sounds,” said Fionn.“

So, tell us, a Fionn,” one of his men ventured finally, for there was genuine curiosity amongst them.  “What do you think? What would your answer be?”

Fionn considered the question for a moment.

“The music of what happens,” he said at last. “That is the finest music in the world.”

During Forest school we try to help create the music of what happens. Have a look at Liz McMahon’s blog for some more ‘music’.

Forest Friday | DLR Creativity in the Classroom (wordpress.com)

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