Junior Infants 2 – Grandmother tree and invertebrates

The children are already creating memories and routines. They are finding many treasures and using their sensory and observation skills to develop their curiosity.

For more photos and information have a look at Liz McMahon’s blog on Forest Friday | DLR Creativity in the Classroom (wordpress.com)

We were inspired by a story of the old tree and a letter from Grandmother tree to try to find out what lives in old trees.

We found spider webs and snail trails on grandmother tree!

Hi children,

I see you’re back. You must have enjoyed last week.

Have you noticed my beautiful silvery glittering trail?

I’ll tell you something funny. They call me a gastropod. I mean ‘A Gastropod!’

Do you know what that means- ‘stomach foot’? That’s because my body is like one long foot with a mouth on one end.

But my foot is very special because I have a gland on the front of it, which produces slime. This is my secret power; it helps me stick to whatever surface and is easy to slide up and down grandmother tree. Also it makes it easy to slide into my shell to protect me from the sun.

You might guess who I am?

Have a great day.

And then we used clay and other things to make some of the creatures.

We also had playtime and sit spot and gathered together at the end to drink gorse tea and share what we were grateful for.

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