Session 8 – welcome and gratitude for parents

We were very happy and grateful to have some of our parents join us for our session today. We got to be the leaders for our adults and show them what and how we’ve been learning. We learn with our whole being in Forest school:

  • We use our senses to observe the world around us
  • we use our minds to harness and develop our curiosity
  • we use our bodies to bring us places and to make things
  • we challenge ourselves by being creative and taking appropriate risks like climbing trees or building forts
  • we deal with challenges and learn that we can recover
  • we take time to be in nature and nurture our sense of wonder and awe which is good for our spiritual development and emotional well being among other things

We have learned so much and we got to share some of this with our adults this week. Can you see the creativity and joy in the photos below?

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