Science- Fun with Magnets

3rd Class had fun experimenting and racing with magnets

Magnets are very interesting. They have two poles- north and south. The north and north and the south and south repel each other. The north and the south side attract each other. The earth is magnetic and has a magnetic field. Some metals are not magnetic such as copper and gold. Iron and nickel are magnetic. There is also magnetic rock in the earth.

First, we experimented with magnets by putting the different sides together and against each other to see if they were repelling or attracting. We then tested different materials to see if they were magnetic or not. We tested using plastic, pipe cleaners, money, feathers and a few others.

Then we got some cars and tape and magnets. We taped the magnets to the cars and tested which ones would be the fastest. We used the north and north side of magnets to repel the car forward. We then had a race against all the other table to see which was the fastest. It was really fun and it was a great experiment!

By Eve

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