Green School’s Walk for Water


The Green School Committee got to take part in the Walk for Water in Glendalough. Once we got there we had to fill up our water bottles from the lake to carry them with us on our walk. We did this so we could show that people in different countries have to travel to get water. We are so lucky in Ireland to have such clean water.

We starter our walk (which was higher and more tiring than we thought it was going to be!) and a few people saw a goat- who was rude and cute! Once we got up about half way we took a break and enjoyed the view. Then we walked on a boardwalk, this was very fun but some people had sore feet!

We walked beside the forest to get back down to the bottom where we saw a waterfall and mouse burrows. We also saw a badger’s set. One person saw a mouse! We hugged lots of trees. #hugatree.

It was a great day and we were lucky to get bags with snacks and juice. 

Thank you to Ali and Susie for bringing us and walking with us!

– Claudia, Ayla and Nell (3rd Class, Green School Committee)

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