2nd Class – Session 6 – Fawns, Crafts and Oak Gall Ink

This week in Forest School, we had a fantastic time exploring the woods. We learned how fawns stay safe by using their coats to blend in with the forest and even played the Sleeping Fawn Game, where we had to stay very still, just like fawns do to hide from predators. Some of us even learned how to use a palm drill safely to make amazing crafts like conker jewelry and even mini fishing rods. We went on a hunt to find oak galls for making special ink for Halloween art with our parents next week, and we even got to experiment with pre-made oak gall ink, making interesting shapes and patterns. Our sit spot adventure was all about channeling our inner fawns and being as quiet as possible, which made us notice even more about the world around us than usual!

What we noticed this week:

  • The leaves rustling in the wind
  • I saw a tiny ladybug crawling on a leaf, and I noticed how it moved so carefully.
  • I spotted a spider weaving its web
  • I noticed the sun coming through some of the trees
  • I noticed some of the oak gall ink that I got on my hands

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