Senior Infants – Session 6 – A Letter from a Deer and the Sleeping Fawn Game

This week in Forest School, senior infants recieved a letter from a friendly deer living in the Wicklow woods. She told us all about her favourite foods and secret hideaways where we might spot her if we look really closely! We also learned about how fawns use their beautiful coat to camouflage in the forest. Because the don’t have a scent, it makes predators really hard to find them. Inspired by this learning, we then played the Sleeping Fawn Game, where we learned to stay perfectly still, mirroring the way fawns avoid detection from potential predators. Our exploration also took us on a quest to find oak galls, which we crushed to create oak gall ink. We are all looking forward to using it for some Halloween art with our parents next week. In the meantime, we had a blast experimenting with pre-made oak gall ink, using our creativity to discover fascinating shapes and patterns in ink blobs.

This week we are grateful for…

  • Learning about how fawns stay safe in the forest.
  • Receiving a special letter from the deer.
  • Playing the Sleeping Fawn Game.
  • Going on a treasure hunt to find oak galls.
  • Experimenting with oak gall ink blobs and looking for shapes.
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