2nd Class – Session 5 – The Great Minibeast Hunt

This week at Forest School, we searched for signs of badgers and explored under rocks, logs, and tree bark to discover invertebrates like woodlice, millipedes, beetles, spiders, ants, grasshoppers, caterpillars, and ladybirds. . After collecting some of these fascinating bugs in containers, we observed their features and recorded our findings through drawings, paying attention to details and patterns. Our day concluded with a closing circle, where we shared our sit spot observations and expressed gratitude for our forest adventure. It was a day of exploration, discovery, and appreciation for the incredible world of minibeasts in our forest.

We are grateful for…
– Creating art from nature
– Having a forest so close to our school
– Having fun with friends in the forest
– Learning how to put up hammocks by ourselves
– All of the minibeasts we saw today

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