Senior Infants – Session 5 – Brigid the Badger’s Request

This week, senior infants received a letter from Brigid the Badger asking for our help in ensuring there would be lots of tasty invertebrates for her to enjoy in the forest. Armed with magnifying glasses, we embarked on a mission to search for these hidden treasures in the dark and moist corners of the forest. Beneath logs, rocks, and tucked away in forest nooks, we uncovered woodlice, millipedes, beetles, spiders, ants, and ladybirds. With great care, we collected these fascinating creatures, closely examining their patterns, counting their legs, inspecting their wings, comparing their sizes, and looking at their diverse shapes. It was a day filled with exploration, wonder, and a sense of responsibility to ensure Brigid and her forest friends would have a bountiful feast in our beloved forest.

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