2nd class (4) – discoveries and colourful flags

We end each session with gratitude. Our brains are wired to remember negative things more strongly than positive things. Studies show that expressing gratitude can have benefits such as supporting physical and mental well-being, boosting self-esteem, and enhancing sleep quality; all of which contribute to happier, healthier children. This session we expressed that we were grateful for:

  • making art with the berries and I really liked the games
  • for the tea
  • for the tea because I never tasted it before and I really like it
  • making these flags for Michael on the rock
  • I liked making the flags
  • seeing the shadows from the clouds come down from the sea – It looks like they are polka dots
  • nuts and eventually finding some to eat
  • helicopters flying so far in the wind
  • playing, eating nuts and sit spot
  • writing a note to the grandmother tree
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