Weaving with nature – 10th February

Weaving an invitation – 3rd class

Sit spot

Sit spot is an opportunity or invitation to be with nature and to pay attention to what we see or hear or feel or notice. Today we noticed:

  • the trees don’t have many branches or leaves at the bottom of the trees and then they have lots of leaves at the top
  • the breeze blowing on my face
  • the ground I was sitting on was very flat
  • the nice feel of the air
  • the different shapes of the branches
  • the birds chirping
  • the leaves on the ground are different colours
  • all the different textures and how each tree is different
  • that I felt peaceful very quickly when I listened to the birds
  • a pine needle fall on me
  • how many y’s there are all around me
  • all the bark is gone on those dead trees
  • heard the trees swaying and I realised the ground had so many interesting things on it
  • the ocean moving in different ways and the sunlight in the middle
  • clouds moving side to side
  • the exquisite sea
  • I felt the muck under my shoes
  • the difference between no wind and when the wind blows
  • the trees have sticks sticking out of them like big thistles
  • the pines are really tall and dark and straight trunks and the ash has really white and curly branches like wiggly bones
  • the ground is covered with a variety of different colours

Creating Weaving Forms – 4th class

A frame – We collected Y shaped frame and checked that the wood is strong enough to weave around.

Practice of gratitude – I’m grateful for:

  • reeds because you can do so many different things with them – tie them, cut them in half to make little brideogs
  • our base and pine cones
  • trees because they keep us alive and I love climbing them
  • free play and mining the mud rocks
  • plants that we wove with and seeing the hazel flower
  • pine cones because I like the feel of them
  • 105 piney nephews and nieces
  • Mud rock official research Project and for finding rocks inside other rocks
  • sit spot and the weaving
  • making new stuff and discovering things I never knew
  • making the invitations
  • the stories we get to hear and for learning about Brigid
  • the trees around us
  • weaving with ivy and willow

For more photos and info have a look at Liz Mc Mahon’s blog


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