STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics)  is a vital part of life in Dalkey School Project. We strongly believe in the necessity of developing inquiring minds and giving children the opportunity to lead learning through investigations and asking questions while providing a framework for that inquiry. Forest Friday’s and Beach School give the students opportunities to engage with nature and science in a hands on manner. Students go on school trips where they are able to explore technology, coding or engineering and how historical buildings have been constructed.

STEM plays an important role inside the classroom also. Maths eyes are used throughout the school day and students are encouraged to make connections and use practical maths in their day to day life such as when baking or playing board games – fun activities we often participate in at school! Technology plays an important role with students in 5th and 6th class participating in the Creative Space: Minecraft Edition, classes designing and participating in Kahoot quizzes and taking up filmmaking whether it be stop motion or live action.

We enjoy participating in Science Week, Space Week and Engineering Week by participating in workshops both online and in person. Students have virtually visited Observatories and Space and had real life Engineers visit school and give them advice on their constructions.

Since 2017 DSP has achieved five awards from the Science Foundation Ireland’s Curious Minds Awards (formally the Discover Primary Science and Maths Awards) including the most prestigious Platinum Award (Badge of Excellence). 

Students have participated in the ESB science where they were commended on their creativity and imagination also recognising a very good scientific approach. We look forward to further scientific achievements and experiments. 




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