The children from JI to 6th experience many art forms in DSP. 


Our staff foster a love of art which can be seen brightening up our corridors of DSP. We have also been fortunate to work with several artists, parents included, who have nurtured the creative side of our children. The children enjoy painting and experimenting with colour, using print, working with clay, constructing wonderful creations and creating with fabric and fibre.  


Creativity in the Classroom

The wonderful Liz Mahon has worked with the children of DSP for many years, both in the classroom and on Killiney Hill. Liz has a magical way of helping children develop their sense of self. She provides them with time to explore their process and encourages their creative energy.



This year we were successful in our application for the Blast funding from the Blackrock Education Centre. Artist Susie Maloney collaborated with our classes from 1st to 4th to create a wonderfully creative and colourful mural at the front of our school.
We look forward to being part of many more art projects in the coming years!


Music Generation DLR Programme

Our children had the opportunity to work with professional musicians through this initiative. Our super senior classes learnt to play the Ukulele while our jolly junior classes had fun with many different percussion instruments. 




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