December, 2018

First we thought of the Christmas light design that we wanted to use and created a stencil using cardboard. We then coloured around the stencils with different coloured chalk on black paper. Using cotton wool, we created a ‘glowing effect’ by rubbing on the chalk. We used white oil pastel to draw the wire.


November 2018

We watched how to draw a portrait of the face. It was interesting to see how the face is divided. For example, the eyes are drawn half way. We used a ruler to help divide the face into sections so we could draw the rest of the features in the correct positions. They turned out great!

October 2018

We experimented with paint making different shades of a colour using white. After it dried, we painted black silhouettes over it.

September, 2018

We created rubbings on pages using different textures. For example: the carpet, the wall, the table. We also made tea-stained paper. We then created shapes and pictures from different fabrics and magazines. Using animal models, we did some ‘blind drawing’ where we drew an object without looking down at the page. It was great fun! After that, we created a picture of our school using fabric.