Session 4 – Hawthorn & hapazome – 1st class

This week we got to know the Hawthorn or fairy tree or White thorn bush. We made tea and listened to a story about how the fairies look after the hawthorn tree. We got to meet lots of other plants too that helped us make our wish rags using Hapa zome. This is the Japanese art of bashing the natural pigment out of leaves and flowers on to fabric to create prints.  Can you find them in the pictures?

We also learned about other plants not to pick.

Some of these plants need protection; cowslips, primroses and bluebells. We remind the children of our green agreement – look after nature, and encourage them to observe these flowers where they are growing.

Some plant plants are poisonous for humans but wonderful for biodiversity: Lords and Ladies. The children love these beautiful plants. Point them out and ask them to bow to the Lord and Ladies.

The sap of the hogweed can be a skin irritant and some children find cleavers makes them itchy. The tingle from a nettle comes from the tiny hairs on the stem and leaves. Children love to learn to grab the nettle firmly which squashes the hairs and prevents getting stung.

To make hapa zome

By folding the cloth in half with the leaf or petal inside you get a mirror image. Once the petal is under the cloth then it is a matter of gently pounding it with a mallet, hammer or even smooth rock. The surface underneath will come through so find a smooth surface to work on.

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