Senior Infants – fun and challenges in the rain!

There are many benefits to playing in the rain.  It gives our senses new sights, smells, textures and sounds which stimulate brain development.  It encourages creative thinking and gross motor movement skills.  It builds our resilience and develops our self confidence as we learn how to keep ourselves safe and happy in different situations.  And it’s fun to splash in puddles and explore an environment we already know but is now completely different!

It is also challenging. When was the last time you spend over two hours outside in the rain? And not everyone has good enough gear to do this comfortably. But challenges are part of forest school. They are a core part of how we grow as humans. And knowing that we can survive, and even thrive at times, outdoors in wet weather, can help us to feel competent and confident in other challenging situations. With each challenge in life comes an opportunity for us to ask ourselves what we learned from it.

Engaging in “risky play has many benefits for children – choice, control, decision-making, sense of achievement along with the ability to assess risk and problem-solve and cope with or overcome challenges.”

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