Senior Infants – changes and wood mice

Senior Infants were busy observing changes and continuity since they were last in the woods together in June. Back then there were a lot of flowers. And now there aren’t as many flowers but there are berries and nuts and seeds and fungi to be found. We were focusing on the hazelnut tree and learning about wood mice (luch fhéir). We even got a letter from a wood mouse via our grandmother tree!

Hello children, thank you
to my favourite granny,
Grandmother Tree, I can
leave you a message.
She said that you often
visited before the
summer and that you will
be back. I don’t know
what before the summer
means, which was so, so
long ago that I wasn’t
even born yet. My name
is Woody and I am a
young Wood Mouse. At
night I’m often scrambling
around Grandmother
looking for delicious food.
The blackberry seeds are
so yummy.
My cousins, brothers and
sisters are all trying to get
to the biggest first so at
night there is a big group
of us out here. We have
great fun. This is why a
group of Wood Mice is
called a mischief of mice.
Our elders warn us that
we need to be aware of
the owl. Like us he is
hungry and his favourite
food is… sorry I can’t
even say it, it make me
feel weak.
I will be listening out for
you each week from my
cosy nest.
Love from Woody

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