School Trips Policy and Procedures

This policy is a documentation of the practices in place to facilitate successful school outings. The policy was drawn up by the staff and circulated to the Board of Management (BoM) for observations and feedback.

School trips are arranged by the School to present the children with a new environment in which they can observe, investigate and relate their findings to their own environment. School trips are arranged at the discretion of the class teacher and principal.

A school trip is any occasion when a group or an individual child is taken off the school campus. This list is not exhaustive and includes: class trips, sporting events, local amenities visits, life-skills shopping experiences, overnight trips, weekend events, Forest Friday, Scoil Cois Farraige.

Aims of School Trips

• To provide an off-campus enjoyable educational experience for all children
• To share responsibility amongst everyone on the trip to keep themselves and each other safe and happy
• To enable children to name a risk/danger if they perceive one
• To assess and manage the exposure to risk of children on outings

Expectations for school trips

Pupils’ behaviour on tours will be in compliance with the Code of Behaviour, the Positive Behaviour Policy, the Acceptable Use of Technology Policy, the AntiBullying Policy and other relevant school policies.

Should a child’s behaviour, as assessed by staff, pose a safety risk to self or others and/or disrupt the education of self or others, the Principal, following consultation with staff and parents/staff, may refuse the child permission to participate.

To enable the inclusion of all children, the School may deem it necessary for a parent/guardian to accompany their child on a School Trip.

Parents/Guardians are invited to sign complete forms regarding school trips etc.
when their children when children enrol in the school.

Procedures for school trips

A minimum ratio of 1/15 adults per group is required for school tours. Parents/guardians are encouraged to accompany staff as a support. First-aid kit will be brought on all school trips by the teachers/SNAs.

Implementation of Policy

This policy should be read in conjunction with other relevant school policies e.g.

  • Acceptable Use of Technology
  • Accidents and Injuries
  • Anti-Bullying Policy
  • Code of Behaviour Policy Child Protection
  • Child Safeguarding Statement

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