Email Guidelines for Parents/Guardians

Our mission statement is at the centre of all our teaching, learning and decision-making; Dalkey School Project National School strives to create a happy, friendly, inclusive, educational environment where each child is unique and valued. We are a welcoming school where diverse talents are appreciated and the school community works together respectfully.

DSP school endeavours to have clear, collaborative and cooperative communication between school and home. Due to Covid there has been an increase in emails as a form of communication. The school does not have additional administrative support to deal with this increased email load. Therefore, we ask for your help in this matter.

Below are guidelines for helpful and respectful communications by email.

1. Emails should be sent to Emails are confidential and only directed to the relevant class team who need to know confidential information about a child.

2. Some emails may not need a response e.g. Child X did not sleep well last night.

3. Allow an appropriate amount of time for teachers to respond to queries and emails. It may take up to 3 working days for a response from a member of the class team.

4. Teachers are working with children during the day. Emails may not be read until the children have gone home. Be assured, emails regarding illnesses and/or absences will be relayed to the relevant staff.

5. Multiple emails from the same household can distract from teaching and learning. Be mindful there are up to 30 children in the class, each with their own specific individual needs.

6. Emails which question the staff member’s professionalism or ability to deliver the curriculum will be directed to the principal.

7. Consider your language and tone: only put in writing what you would be prepared to say to in person.

8. Please refer to other children as Child 1, Child 2 etc. in emails regarding incidents in school. Include child’s recount of incident if applicable and describe the strategies being used or shared at home to help with these concerns/issues.

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