Pancakes, Puppets and Modern Languages

As gardens and the environment reveal this year’s spring colours, so too children at DSP are blossoming through the range of learning experiences at school.

Last week we had pancake-making in several classes, two puppet shows from the Moon and Sixpence theatre company and textile artist Mary working with Fifth and Sixth classes on mask-making.

Fifth class presented their book reviews of different languages at assembly. We are delighted to have different language picture books in school as a way of encouraging families to share their different mother tongues and cultures. If any parent is free to read a story or give a talk about their culture, we would be happy to welcome them to the school.

Meanwhile the Green Committee is recording how the DSP community is responding to the Sustainable Travel Challenge. We look forward to hearing the results.

When evaluating our teaching and learning practices, we can be confident that DSP children grow as learners through respectful interactions and experiences that are challenging and supportive.

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