Keep Children Safe. Make good parking choices.

We hope everyone read the WhatsApp pleas from the PTA regarding traffic. Unsafe drop practices were raised as an issue at the last PTA meeting.

We learned many good habits during the pandemic that kept our school gates safe. Unfortunately, some drivers are not making good choices now leading to congestion at neighbours’ gates and lack of safety for children entering school.

The Green School Committee will be asking for our cooperation. On the 20th of February we will be taking part in the Green School’s Big Travel Challenge 2023. The Green School Committee are asking all the children to travel to school in a sustainable way (walking, cycling, scooting, public transport, carpool etc.) for ten consecutive days. In particular we are encouraging those who drive to participate in park n’ stride. This means parking roughly a ten minute walk from the school in an attempt to lessen the amount of time cars are spent on the road each morning. 

Meanwhile, parents please let all drivers -(childminders, grandparents etc.) – know we do not pass the Glenageary Lodge junction (or house no 52 near the school). And please make that good choice yourself. Be a Changemaker. Be a model of positive social behaviour for all children. Park and Walk. It’s the safe and healthy choice.

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