Session 1

Session 9 12th November 2021

This week was our last week together for this year. Between games and free play and weaving and clay, we had a great time learning through play.

Every session we share what we are grateful for from the session. This is a core part of the structure of Forest school for us as gratitude helps us to.

  1. Feel better about our lives overall
  2. Experience higher levels of positive emotions like optimism, enthusiasm, love, and happiness
  3. be kinder and more generous to others
  4. Sleep better
  5. cope with stress more effectively and recover more quickly from stressful situations (resilience)

Here are some of the things the children said they are grateful for:

    • Being in nature – finding out about plants and what you can do with them
    • All the shops we set up!
    • being on Killiney Hill instead of being in the classroom all day.  You feel the wind blowing and seeing the flowers and it’s really beautiful.
    • sit spots because you get to calm yourself down
    • playing in the forest
    • all the trees – they’re so helpful.  They let me have a shop and help us breathe.
    • nature and the trees in our base camp.
    • Going on the slide many many many times
    • fresh air
    • rangoli patterns
    • seasons – everything changed in the 9 weeks we were here
    • the games we made up and the shops we created and the grave for Mr Popales.
    • making things, the fairy swing we made with the string that we made,
    • leaves for leaf fights and art and jumping and burying and fun
    • Being able to do Forest school.
    • The mother tree – how it’s a wonderful place to play and how it can also be so soothing
    • Gives us a break from the work in the classroom.
    • to the teachers for making Forest school happen.
    • playing lots of games and having fun together
    • having fun makes me feel happy
    • making things like bracelets
    • The view from base camp
    • how nice people are on the hill that we get to meet and see
    • how much there is to explore
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