Green School

The aim of our Green Schools committee is to work together to help create a sustainable futurehe whole school community work together in order to help make this a possibility. The green school committee are role models and act as spokespersons on issues in the school such as recycling, saving energy and area of biodiversity.

Our green team are passionate about our environment in school and the wider community. The green school committee take a hands on approach to help keep our school green. They litter pick, assist with horticulture such as de-weeding and gardening. The green school committee are energy monitors within the school. They support others to switch of lights, turn of taps etc.

The committee hold meetings to discuss our green school policies and how we can work together to create a greener school. The committee have created a display of our students work and opinions on what green schools means to them.

We all work together as a whole school community to keep our environment clean and safe. We are very proud of our green school flag

The children of DSP learn about the local environment and its biodiversity. This is done in a local woodland area.

The green school committee want to save the bees and have made efforts to educate the school on how we can help.

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