Great Green Ideas!


The Green School Committee have been busy thinking about ways to be green around the school. They made bird feeders for the school garden, which were an instant hit with the local squirrels and birds!

Here are the instructions if you would like to make one at home


A used toilet roll tube
String or twine
A butter knife or lollipop stick
A bowl or plate
A variety of bird seed
A digestible fat, such as lard, vegetable shortening or peanut butter
  1. Using the butter knife or lollipop stick, spread a thick layer of lard, vegetable shortening or peanut butter over the outside of the toilet roll tube. Not only does this help the seeds to stick, it also makes the tube waterproof, ideal for putting out homemade bird feeders in UK weather. Fats also help birds survive during the winter.

  2. Once the tube is completely covered, roll it in a bowl of mixed bird seed so the seeds stick to the fat.

  3. Loop some string or twine through the inside of the toilet roll tube and use to hang on the branch of a tree or from a hook in the wall.

  4. Once the birds have finished all the seeds, you may be able to make another DIY bird feeder from the toilet paper roll. If not, don’t forget to recycle it!

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