Fractals and more

On crisp winter days, it is such a delight to be exploring what is alive in nature at this time of year. Though it may not be as obvious, there is so much to notice when you pay attention.

In winter some things are revealed and others are hidden. Beneath our feet hibernating animals sleep in their burrows. Trees and plants are storing their energy in their roots, deep in the earth. On the ground, tracks are seen more clearly in the bare earth or on frost and snow.

Animal tracks

Above our heads, last year’s birds’ nests and squirrels’ drays are revealed. The skeletons of deciduous trees can be seen. We notice the different colours, shapes and textures of the trees in winter.

We feel the sticky buds of the horse chestnuts, find the velvet-black buds of the ash and count how many oak buds are clustered on the end of each twig. We smell and touch and see the catkins dangling from the hazel tree and spot the tiny red flowers at the tip of some buds.

We see the shapes of the trees silhouetted against the sky. Beneath our feet, under the earth, seeds lie dreaming, the spark of life sleeping within.

Have a look at Liz McMahon’s blog of the sessions here.

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