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No mobile phones for primary school children – voluntary code

We had a great talk and discussion on the topic last night. Thank you to everyone who came along and participated. 3rd-6th class also benefited from a session on cyber safety on Tuesday during school time. Both talks were supported by your PTA fundraising.

If you’d like to follow up with your kids to talk about their own safety online, the next few days could be a good time as it will be fresh in their minds.

Here are the slides from the talk last night for parents:

This Cyber Safe Kids developed resource is also excellent and covers many of points discussed:

Fiona from Cyber Safe Kids, who delivered the talk, gave fantastic practical advice for parental controls and settings as well as emphasising the benefits of the internet and how we can support our kids in enjoying their games and online communities in a safe way. It was also helpful to have a reminder of the many serious risks regarding children having access to the internet – privacy loss, cyber bullying, grooming etc. As well as the risks from excessive screen time including social-emotional development, sleep disturbances, depression, and anxiety.

DSP PTA will keep promoting this voluntary code to protect our children from these issues as a community and help give them the tools for interacting safely in the online world. We also welcome your feedback on the delivery of this session, as this is a new activity for the PTA to support and will help inform the PTA’s decisions next year. If you have any comments or feedback please email with “Cyber Safety feedback” as a subject. Thank you for your support!! 😊👍👍👍👍👍


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