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5th Class reviewed some of our new Modern Language books…….

Our school got a delivery of books and dictionaries from English to Spanish, German, Italian, French, Ukrainian, Polish and Japanese.

I picked a book called first phrases Italian. I like it because it has pictures and it shows you how to pronounce the words as well.
Here is some of the words I learned:

Buona note=good night
Prego=your welcome

And that’s my book review hope you like it
By Indy Earls Toner

Hello my name is Juno I am in fifth class and my class are trying to encourage kids in the school to try a new language.

Our class has a wide variety of different language books such as story books and bilingual dictionaries and we have a lot of different languages.

Here are the languages we have; French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Ukrainian, Polish and Italian. I took the French bilingual dictionary because I am learning French.

Here are some of the words I learned:

De rien=you are welcome

By Juno Ormsby

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