Board of Management Summary Report

A meeting of DSPNS Board of Management (BOM) was held on Monday 23rd October 2023.

Items on the agenda included the Principal’s Report, Treasurer’s Report, Voluntary Contributions (VCs), Communications, and Maintenance report.  Specific items included:

  • The Board appreciates the work of the PTA in organizing pre-loved clothing sale and a garden meitheal.  These community initiatives foster connections between people and environment, and nurture the DSP teamwork spirit, an essential part of our ethos.
  • The Board appreciates Gary’s work in fitting out the outdoor learning pods.
  • The Board approved budget 2023-2024 and alerts the school community to uncertainty regarding DE grants. To date, the Board has received €20,000 less funding than 2022-2023, including the loss of IT and other grants.
  • The Board thanks families for making Voluntary Contributions and encourages everyone to make whatever contribution they can as the budget is very tight this year.
  • As part of the 4 year cyclical changeover of Boards of Management, the Board invites nominations from people who have skills in areas such as community-building, law, construction, human resources, education, finance, IT. The BoM AGM will take place on 27th November 2023 when elections will take place.
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