4th class – Brigid agus Brat Bhríde

Brigid is our matron Saint and Celtic Goddess and a celebration of all mná. Traditionally Brigid’s Day is Imbolc, the first day of Spring, the return of the light and the ancient Celtic festival of the goddess. Brigid was Ireland’s first environmentalist, a passionate protector of nature and carer of animals and all living things. An icon and role model for our times.

Today we celebrated Brigid through story and the making of Brat Bhride.

Brigid in the Wind

Brat Bhríde

The Brat Bhride was a piece of fabric laid outside before sunset on the eve of Brigid’s Feast Day, 1st February, and brought back in before sunrise. Blessed by Brigid, ancient Spring Goddess and Saint, the dew which fell that night imbued the cloth with powers of healing and protection which lasted throughout the year. It would be kept in a special place in the house and brought out as needed when illness occurred by wrapped around the head to cure a headache or used by midwives to help women in childbirth, for Brigid was especially known as being the patron of healers and midwives. It was used on sick animals also, especially cows and sheep for which Brigid had a special affinity.

Axes, flags and holly leaf tea

Climbing, writing, building, making, foraging, collaborating, playing

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