Want to dance a reel with a frog?

There’s frog party in the back garden at the moment. Lots of children have been visiting to observe.

The frogs are busy spawning. They are very good at camouflage so they can be hard to spot. If you stay very quiet you can hear them, “Gribbit. Gribbit.” What do you think they are talking about?

Thanks to grandparent Evelyn for helping us plant seeds. Where would we be without grandparents? 5th class helped some children from Junior and Senior Infants to plant and label. It was great fun.

Parent Sarah has been amazing in supplying seeds, compost and a gardening plan – thank you most sincerely!

We would love to get some more helpers. You may only be able to come once or twice. Phone the office or let Miriam know at the gate in the morning. Every extra set of hands helps. You don’t need to know anything about gardening, just an ability to enjoy time with children in the outdoors. The spring/summer term is ideal for outdoor activities.

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