Panto Pandemonium at DSP

All classes enjoyed the Red Riding Hood Panto from the Helix. Money was still coming in today via Aladdin. We are now at €919.00 which means we have raised €494.00 for Barnados as the DSP seasonal charity fundraiser. We will leave the Panto payments link open until next week in case anyone still intends contributing.

We heard the lovely story today of a child who found €2.00 in the yard this week. When no one claimed it and teacher said she could keep it, the child said she wanted to give it to Barnados. It’s wonderful to see such thoughtfulness and generosity in action. Who knows, by next week we may hit the €500 mark for Barnados?

Some classes did Secret Santa gift giving today and we saw some beautiful homemade creations. The wonderful creativity and empathy involved in making these presents led to much happy sharing and funny stories.

Special thanks to PTA and class parents/guardians who showed appreciation to staff with generous gifts. It has been a particularly challenging term for everyone and expressing gratitude helps us all feel seen, heard, cherished and connected.


We may not see everyone at school next week as we know some families are minimising risks ahead of meeting grandparents and/or vulnerable friends over the holidays. We wish the whole community a lovely weekend and we look forward to a calm and quiet three days at school next week. To those staying home, Nollaig Shona – Happy Christmas!


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