Senior Infants – Session 8 – A Day of Learning and Fun with Parents

Last week, our senior infants enjoyed an amazing day in the forest, accompanied by their parents. Surrounded by the natural beauty of the forest, we embarked on a journey to explore the essence of Forest School, delving into its six fundamental principles. The forest transformed into our classroom, allowing us to uncover hidden treasures like signs of badger food and wood mice homes. Our day was filled with fun and learning as we embraced the roles of creatures in a food chain chasing game and played the hilarious game of bat and moth.

After reaching our base camp, parents had the opportunity to explore the enchanting forest nooks while we shared a letter from Grandmother Tree. In the spirit of Halloween, we engaged in some fun games, including bonfire jumping and a unique challenge – hanging apples and feasting like graceful deer, with no hands!

Using clay as our glue, we added a touch of enchantment to the forest by creating spooky tree monsters. These imaginative creations were brought to life with names, stories, and unique personalities crafted by our senior infants and their parents. As our magical day neared its end, we paused for a peaceful sit spot, reflecting on the wonders of nature and sharing our gratitude for the experiences of the day. Thank you to our senior infant parents for making this an unforgettable forest school session!

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