Senior Infants – Session 7 – Rainy Day Samhain Preparations at Forest School

This week, our Forest School session was all set to take us on an outdoor adventure, but the weather had other plans. Our indoor classroom transformed into a hub of creativity and resourcefulness. Our mission: to create Samhain decorations that celebrate the beauty of nature in preparation for our Samhain celebrations on Friday the 27th of October.

We began by threading a vibrant array of leaves, carefully selecting different colors and shapes. With pinecones and conkers collected in previous sessions, we wove them into our creations.

We then continued with the use of homemade oak gall ink, made during our last session from oak trees in our forest. With this ink, we designed spooky decorations, featuring spiders, pumpkins and witch hats.

In the Halloween spirit, we took it a step further and crafted eerie masks from nature’s finest offerings. Leaves, twigs, and feathers transformed us into mystical forest creatures.

We can’t wait to showcase our handcrafted wonders at our Samhain celebrations this Friday and we hope that everyone enjoys and appreciates them as much as we did while making them.

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