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Update March 2016.

It’s all about conserving energy around the school as we prepare for our visit tomorrow from Dean Eaton who represents the Green Schools project run by DLRCC, which assesses our progress in achieving our second green flag around the topic of Energy. Both teachers and pupils have been very busy in learning about ways we can conserve energy and keep the awareness going throughout the school. As part of the criteria we ran a competition throughout the school for a new Green Code for Energy. Everyone participated with great enthusiasm and congratulations to our winner who came  up with ‘When it’s bright turn off the light!!’ . We were impressed  with the simplicity and creativity in the  approach.

Our new Green Code for Energy is:

Green school-When it's brightMarch 2016 Poppy











We have been working hard to improve our school environment, keep it litter free and recycle our waste.

Our Green School motto is….

Green School Motto




News and Updates from the Green Schools Committee


October 2015

It’s that time of year again when the children put themselves forward for the Green Schools Committee. This year there was much enthusiasm and excitement. A big thanks to the teachers who facilitated the selection process where the children had to write why they thought they would represent their class in keeping our school green!

Here is the new committee:


Green Schools 2


They are Milo, Maebh, Isabelle, Gavin, Anna, Ciara, Leon, Juliette, Sophie , Nicholas, Katie and Jack. Congratulations!

November 2015 – Day of Action on Friday 13th.

We are now looking t get our second green flag which is for Energy. After many meetings and pooling of ideas we decided to go with the idea of an ‘Old Fashioned Day’ – to convey how Ireland operated without electricity – pre electrification. The children , helped by Ms. Kennedy and Ms. D’Arcy , went about organizing how the day would go. It was suggested that the children would be asked to dress up in old fashioned  clothes and/or bring in items that would have represented Ireland during that time. We also decided to ask if any child had grandparents who lived during that time , would they be willing to come in and share their stories. The school community responded with great enthusiasm and we had two grandparents, Catherine McGuinness and Jim Farrelly, who offered to come in on the day.

Also we had husband and wife team Joan, who works in the school as the caretaker and her husband and Richard share their memories of what life was like.


Electricity talk          electricity

Everyone was very involved in helping to set up the hall the day before , using what we could to create our ‘Museum’. We decided to create a school and a house containing a bedroom and kitchen using backdrops from Mr. Finucane from plays that he put on in the past. He also gave us the lend of old fashioned desks and a blackboard – items not easy to come by these days.

Here’s a selection of the items that were brought in:Green Schools Day of Action 009a

Green Schools Day of Action 034a

Green Schools Day of Action 004bog

Also there were grandparents who came in to share their memories and to give the children an idea what it was like to live day to day without electricity .


Green Schools Day of Action 097fifthclass








Catherine McGuiness with grandson Gavin


Green Schools Day of Action 091firstclass

Jim Farrelly, Grandfather of Jamie in 1st.

Thanks again to the whole school community who helped make the day a huge success. Congratulations to the Green Schools Committee – a job well done!

Green Schools Day of Action 042a

Update – January 2016

We are now focusing on looking at how we use energy in the school as we continue our preparations to get our Green Flag. The Green Schools Committee will be busy in encouraging the whole school community to check on how we are using energy . Are we turning off lights and closing doors  when we are not in the classroom? Are the windows open when the heating is on? The small things all contribute to a more energy efficient environment. Lots of work around energy is going on in the classrooms too.

DSCF9297        DSCF9298


Update – February 2016

As part of our work for our Green flag for Energy 4th class & 6th class are working on renewable energy with Mr. Doohan. They are working on creating models illustrating types of renewable and non-renewable energies. They will be writing explanations of each energy types.

energy 4th clay 5   energy 4th clay 3

energy 4th clay 1

green schools and others lighthouse 1   green schools and others 6th science lighthouse

Meet our Green School committee 2014-2015





Green Schools 2014-2015 014

The members are: -Isaac, Stephen, Eloise. Safia ;: Zoe , Luca, Caoimhe (4th), Juno (3rd),

Peter , Eoin, Emma, Oisin  Absent: Hasan .

January 2015

As we now have our first Green Flag for Recycling we are now starting the process of getting our second Green Flag for Energy . We will be focusing on how we use energy in the school – are we being economical with how we energy ? Do we need to look at ways to conserve our energy? Once the process starts there will be updates as to how we’re getting on.

Spring Clean – April 2015

All the school got involved with great enthusiasm to clean up our school – from the corridors to Gleanageary Lodge. The sun shone down as we scrubbed, polished , swept and cleared out spaces we had forgotten were there!!



June 2014

We were delighted to receive our first green flag, on the theme of litter and waste. Everybody has worked really hard at keeping our school a clean and tidy place.

We celebrated with a whole-school assembly, where members of the green school committee unveiled the flag. Well done to the committees from this year and last year, who have all worked hard and shown such great enthusiasm.


May 2014

We received the wonderful news that we have been awarded our first green flag! It is fantastic news, after all of the hard work that has been carried out in the school on the theme of litter and waste. Well done to everybody involved.


We also had a lovely visit from the Green school committee of St. Kevin’s N.S, Sallynoggin. They came on a tour of our school to see all of the work we have been doing. Our committee were also able to sit down with them and ask them some questions about the work they do in their school. We learned a lot from them and really enjoyed the visit!



April 2014




During the first week of April, we held our annual Spring Clean. Each class in the school had the responsibility of cleaning up their own classroom, and one other area around the school. Our school environment is looking fantastic now, thanks to all the pupils and staff doing their part.

Spring Clean 2014







January 2014

We have just elected a new Green Schools Committee for the rest of the year. They will have lots of work to do, making sure we keep our school clean and tidy.

A huge thank you to the old committee for all their hard work and ideas – you were all fantastic!


October 2013 


Miss Dungan and the gardening team had a look at our compost and came across a few surprises. Click here to see what they found.

Who Wants To Breath Clean Air

Down To Earth Theatre Company visited our school. They put on a fantastic show called ‘Who Wants to Breath Clean Air’. We had great fun joining in the quiz and we learned lots about looking after the environment.

Team Theatre2


September 2013

Welcome back to school everyone. Remember to keep up the good work and put your rubbish in the correct bin, we are trying to recycle as much of our waste as we can. 4th class have taken well to their new role as litter pickers and 5th class are getting stuck into their job of emptying and caring for the compost bins.


June 2013

Recycle Upcycle

We held a Green School fashion parade. We designed and made clothing from recycled materials. Here’s a selection of some of the masterpieces on show….


Recycled Fashion Parade


May 2013

Tidy School Competition

We are delighted to announce we have been awarded the Best School with Little or no Green Space award in the DLR Tidy Schools in the Community Competition. Well done DSP!



April 2013

Bug Hotel

6th class have been busy building a bug hotel. This will provide a habitat for bugs which will pollinate the flowers in our garden.


Spring Clean

We got down and dirty with litter and gave our school and it’s grounds a really good spring clean