Board of Management Summary Report

A meeting of DSPNS Board of Management (BOM) was held on Tuesday 19th September 2023.
Items on the agenda included the Principal’s Report, Treasurer’s Report, Voluntary Contributions (VCs), Communications, Maintenance, and Buildings report. Specific items included:

• The Board reviewed the Child Safeguarding Statement to reflect the recommendations of a high-level review and recent legislation as required by the Department of Education. The revised policy will be uploaded to the school website. Hard copies are available to parents/guardians on request through the office:
• The Board will re-issue the Communications Policy to the school community as part of an on-going commitment to fostering supportive relationships in the school community. The policy includes clear procedures on who to contact in cases of raising a concern.
• The Board thanks all current and former parents who returned CHY3 forms thus enabling the Treasurer to apply for tax back from Revenue for the tax year 2019. Reminder letters and forms will be sent to relevant families as there are further funds we can apply for from Revenue. As part of our annual fundraising initiatives, the Board will email letters seeking Voluntary Contributions for the school year 2023-2024.
• A revised application for Emergency Works (EWS) was submitted to the Department of Education for repair to roof leaks.
• As part of the 4 year cyclical changeover of Boards of Management, the Board invites nominations from people who have skills in areas such as community-building, law, construction, human resources, education, finance, IT. The BoM AGM will take place on 27th November 2023 when elections will take place.

Next meeting:
Monday 23rd October 2023 7:30pm by zoom

Monday 27th November 2023

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