A meeting of DSPNS Board of Management (BOM) was held on Tuesday 3rd May 2022 via zoom.

Items on the agenda included the Principal’s Report, Treasurer’s Report, Voluntary Contributions (VCs), Communications, Maintenance, and Buildings report. Specific items included:

• The Board thanks everyone who has contributed €26,472.50 in Voluntary Contributions to date.
• The Board thanks the Student Council for their video report and would like to request a meeting.
• The Board would like to express their sincere appreciation to the PTA for the hard work and creativity that made the spring market such a warm, welcoming and joyful community gathering.
• The Board approved funding for Continuous Professional Development for staff to participate in Restorative Practices and Forest School Certification during the summer term and holidays. Ongoing support is essential if these practices/programmes are to be offered to children as they require additional staff and time.