Board of Management Meetings – Summary Report 

 A meeting of DSPNS Board of Management (BOM) was held on Tuesday 19th March 2024. 

Items on the agenda included the Principal’s Report, Treasurer’s Report, Voluntary Contributions (VCs), Communications, and Maintenance report. Specific items included: 

  • Miriam Hurley informed the Board that she would be retiring from teaching at the end of August 2024. The Board will begin consultations with the DSP Patron, and Educate Together to arrange for the recruitment of a new Principal for DSP. 
  • The Board will be represented at the AGM of Educate Together on the 11th May. This is a great opportunity to meet with other members of the wider Educate Together community, celebrate, and plan together. 
  • The BOM ratified three policies: The Student Teacher Placement Policy, The Work Experience Policy and the Health and Safety Policy. 
  • We look forward to seeing you at the Spring Market on the 20th April. Many thanks are due to the PTA for organising this wonderful event. 
  • The Board ratified the school calendar 2024-2025 and it will be uploaded to the school website. 
  • The Board thanks everyone who has donated voluntary contributions to date €25,385.00. Reminder letters will be sent in the summer term as every contribution is really valuable and makes a difference to children’s learning experience. 
  • Next meeting: 
  • Monday 29th April 2024 7:30pm via zoom 
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