We had a wonderful evening gathering and sharing stories about the effects Forest school has had on the children in DSP over the last ten years.

We want to create a record of these benefits to support Forest school continuing in DSP and to be an inspiration for other schools (through parents/teachers/children). We envisage this becoming a book and website, recording our journey in DSP to support other schools to feel empowered to bring children outdoors.

Below are some of the ideas and stories we have started to gather on the 7th February. And we would love to hear more. We’ll be sending an online option for gathering these stories around soon.  

  • My child loves being dirty and putting berries on her face
  • The favorite memory of my child was making leafy angels – lying down on the falling leaves and moving her arms. I think she loved the sense of freedom. 
  • Forest School helped them unleash energy.  
  • Forest School gives somewhere to express themselves, and be free to be themselves
  • Whenever we go to Kiiliney Hill, my children talk about “Base camp” and want to go through the woods rather than the paths. He loves exploring and sharing his favorite secret places.  
  • Children talking to one another about their basecamp and dens they made. They were aware of other groups’ basecamps too. 
  • He shows love and caring for nature, which is not from us. 
  • My child likes to find woodlice in the house now. 
  • My child is more interested in nature around them. He likes to find flowers of different colors
  • Nature sparks up creativity.
  • At the parent session, children loved looking after their parents. They were proud to show their space
  • How empowered children were by forest school.  They had pride in the knowledge they gained and liked sharing it with people outside of Forest school..  
  • They raised their own questions and came up with solutions.  
  • Forest school gives opportunities for risky play. It is so important to be able to feel anxiety and learn how to overcome it.  
  • My child didn’t have confidence because of lack of English, and also he was not good at sitting still in the classroom. Forest School helped him to get confidence and he communicated better through play.  
  • It gives opportunities to build friendships. 
  • Forest School changed the relationship between teachers and children too. It allows teachers to observe the children and understand them from different perspectives. 
  • There was an increase in wanting to learn things and asking questions.  And also coming up with possibilities.  They weren’t worried about being wrong.  


We look forward to hearing more stories from our community in the next few weeks. We would really appreciate you filling in this questionnaire. It helps capture the importance of this type of learning and therefore helps it to continue. Thank you so much.


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